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Save the Fraser Island Dingoes

Help us save the Fraser Island Dingo by purchasing a pair of kinis (5% will go back to the organisation) or donate to the Go Fund me account below.

"Our objective is to ensure that the Fraser Island dingo not only survives but thrives on their Island home and to establish a much needed Wildlife Care Centre on the Island. This Wildlife Care Centre will not only benefit the dingo but all wildlife on the Island"

Fraser Island was once a happy and healthy environment, the dingo shared his territory with visitors and residents and all benefited from this close and harmonious relationship. In 1992 the Island was World Heritage listed and the Queensland State Government took control and decided that the dingo was a nuisance, and so the Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy was formed.

This strategy was the beginning of the end for the dingo. Dumps, where the animals foraged were closed. The traditional owners, fisherman and residents were forbidden to feed the animals. Native food became scarce and when a young boy was tragically killed in 2001 by a starving dingo the government seized on the opportunity to eliminate the animals. Many animals were cruelly culled, aversive conditioning (hazed) was introduced, that is, shooting the animals with a clay pellet, which can cause broken bones or even death. Electrified gates and fences were built. Ear-tagging puppies were the next step, this caused infections and drooping ears. Non-lethal poisoned baits were used to stop them from eating human food and shock collars were trialled.

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. is a voluntary organisation founded in 2009 due to concerns raised by the community and visitors regarding the health and well-being of the Fraser Island dingoes.

SFID is a registered Not for Profit Environmental Organisation with Tax Deductible Status. The organisation monitors all activity on the Island that affects the sustainability of the Island dingoes. SFID mission is to conserve and protect this unique and iconic species.

SFID is working with experts in dingo/wildlife management within Australia and overseas. The organisation aims to ensure ‘best practice’ is adhered to when dingo management strategies are released.

The dingo is an integral part of this unique environment and as apex predator is vital in marinating the health and balance of the Island’s fragile ecosystem.

The Fraser Island dingo is a genetically unique species because of its isolation from the mainland, therefore we have an obligation to ensure that the genetic integrity of the animals is preserved.

The Fraser Island dingo adds to the value of the Island as a major international tourist attraction, it is one of the few places where visitors may get the chance to observe a dingo in its natural habitat.

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