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With Love From the Sea.


“It all started with a love for the ocean. From the shores of the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast, eviekini is seaside luxe kini brand that embodies high-quality materials with unique styles and prints.”

The eviekini story.

“eviekini is the story of a girl who got turned away from 30 banks, moved away from home, quit her job, and spent every last dollar she had to chase her dream” 

eviekini was founded in the summer of 2017 by Evangeline on the sunny shores of South East Queensland, Australia. eviekini is inspired by the beauty of Fraser Island, and her passion for creating beautiful and high quality kinis has led to the creation of her first collection - Hidden Paradise.

Designed in Australia.

eviekini’s Hidden Paradise  collection was inspired by the beauty of Fraser Island (K’gari). Fraser Island stretches over 123 kilometres and is the largest sand island in the world. The island is a place of exceptional beauty, with its long uninterrupted white beaches, strikingly coloured sand cliffs, over 100 freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests and fast-flowing crystal clear creeks. This is where the Hidden Paradise collection truly began. 

Premium Swimwear.

eviekini loves designing unique alluring styles and prints for women and is committed to creating beautiful, cheeky-cut kinis of the highest quality. eviekini’s products are of the highest quality, built to last and enjoyed for many summers to come. Our kinis are made with the finest materials and will be loved by you.


eviekini is proud to partner with Save the Fraser Island Dingoes. The Fraser Island Dingo is an integral part of the unique Fraser Island environment and has a significant conservation value in maintaining the health and balance of the ecosystem. The Fraser Island dingo is genetically unique because of its isolation from the mainland and the island is one of the few places where visitors may get the chance to observe a dingo in its natural habitat. eviekini is providing Australians with the opportunity to help secure a future for the Fraser Island Dingo with 5% of every sale going directly to Save the Fraser Island Dingoes, as well as a Go Fund Me page to raise additional funds. 

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