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Sabbatical Journal Entry 1 - How It Came To Be

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Heya Gypsy Girl bosses, I hope your day has been filled sunshine.

This morning I hopped into my car and set off to find a beautiful place to write. I didn’t set my GPS, I didn’t set myself any limits of where I could and couldn’t go, I didn’t set a time of when I wanted to be home, I just drove until I found my perfect lil spot. I was driving along the freeway until I came across the Bangalow exit, I thought ‘hmm I haven’t been there before - this could be it’. I took the exit and kept my fingers crossed that I didn’t get lost.


Bangalow is pure magic. It is this tiny town in the middle of Byron Bay's hinterland, surrounded by artistic locals, boutique coffee shops, picturesque buildings and a chilled vibe that was hard to miss. This was my lil spot, this is where I was going to dive in and start journaling and sharing my heart through the Sabbatical story.


So a few weeks ago I released my Sabbatical Map - my raw journey of finding myself and my business in 2019. This was really hard for me to do, I tossed and turned for nights on end about whether to share it or not. But I kept telling myself ‘It’s time to share your heart and to be honest and raw’. So this is my lil Sabbatical story...


Sometimes life is tough, sometimes we go through big cosmic shifts - like a break up, career change or move. These cosmic shifts hit us like a tonne of bricks. They make us realise ‘I am in the wrong place, I am devastated, something's not quite right’. These cosmic shifts are some of the most powerful things we can go through on this lil planet. It makes us realise what we love, what we care about and what brings the sunshine into our lives.


In one year I went through a lifetime of cosmic shifts. I started eviekini, found my passion, went through a breakup, vacationed to Japan, found my incredible team in Indonesia, changed my nine to five, moved cities, found an eviekini tribe, moved houses, retired from competitive sport, started shipping bikinis all over the world, started yoga, found friends and lost friends. As a person and as a small business, I have changed tenfold.


Sometimes these cosmic shifts can be heartbreaking, but they always bring us to these pinnacle moments that change our person, our soul. Over the last few months I have slowed everything down and focused solely on me and eviekini. Asking those hard questions and everlasting whether my soul is in the right place.


Sabbatical is my raw journey of truly finding myself at 23 and sharing that adventure with you. We are stronger as a collective tribe, so why wouldn’t I take you on this journey with me? I want to share the real, raw, authentic moments of finding my place in this lil planet.


I am a creative soul through and through, so Sabbatical is a year long kini Collection with beautiful prints and styles releasing every six to eight weeks. We start our adventure at Rohani and venture along the map back to our roots at Fraser Island. Each icon on the map is a subtle hint of what the next micro collection will be inspired by.


We will be vlogging our Sabbatical adventure with you and bringing together our tribe of beautiful, independent, strong women. There will be ups, there will be downs - but we’ll all be in this together.


We’re so thankful for our tribe and for embracing this adventure with us.


Can’t wait to explore with you,



Gypsy Girl Boss


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