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Dingoes on Fraser Island

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Dingoes on Fraser Island


The dingoes on Fraser Island are said to be the purest of breed on the east coast of Australia. It is estimated that there are 25 to 30 packs of dingoes that live on the island and that each pack has around 3 to 12 dingoes. They are a sub species of wolf and unlike the pet dogs you may be used to, are wild animals. They are at the top of the island’s food chain and serve as a vital part of the conservation of the island. So it is important that visitors to the island allow the dingo population to exist peacefully. Like most animals, the dingo population is attracted to food and they soon learnt that where this is a human, there is usually food. Most of the major tourist attractions and resorts are fenced off to avoid dingoes from entering but here are some safety precautions to keep in mind when booking a Fraser Island tour: 

  •  DO NOT feed the dingoes! Feeding the dingoes and other wildlife on Fraser Island is illegal and huge penalties apply. By nature, dingoes have a fear of humans and feeding the dingoes may encourage them to approach visitors. By feeding the dingoes we are also at risk of taking away their inherited hunting skills that will jeopardise the conservation of the island.
  • Never walk around on Fraser Island on your own. Always stay in a group. 
  • Never store food in your tent or leave it lying around. Make sure that your food is locked up in a food or icebox.
  • Don’t take food to the Lakes or Beaches. 
  • ALWAYS make sure that your rubbish is secure and place it in the assigned bins. Always clean up food scraps, BBQ plates and anything that may contain the smell of food. Dingoes have been known to steal wash clothes and tea towels. 
  • Only watch and take photos of dingoes from afar or within a vehicle. 
  • If you do come across a dingo, stay calm. Fold your arms and DO NOT RUN. Maintain eye contact. Stand at full height and calmly back away.

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