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8 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life

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8 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life


Self love breeds self confidence, self worth, self respect, self forgiveness. Do not underestimate its power. 

 When we’re are young (and, to be honest, when we’re grown-ups too), all of our perceived flaws are blown up and maximized.  

For so long, I was so caught up in the idea of being imperfect that I cared less about who I was, and more about who I believed I was ultimately going to be.  

 I convinced myself that one day I would fix everything that bothered me about myself and become some perfect version of myself who was wildly successful at life. 

In fact, the only real difference between the person I was when I was younger and the person I am now is that I don’t beat myself up about my imperfections anymore. I’ve learned to love myself for who I am. 

 Here are the 8 ways self love has changed my life. 

8 Ways Self Love Will Change Your Life Confidence

 There is nothing more than I wanted as a teenager than to be confident. I would freeze when it was time to get out of my comfort zone. At the time I didn’t realise that confidence came with self love. For years I kept searching for my confidence within groups of people. I craved for people to validate my worth, I wanted their compliments, I wanted to be loved. I didn’t realise that loving myself would more than suffice my need to feel validated. Once I began the journey of self love my confidence fuelled my every move. 


 Along with confidence comes your unique style. When your self love is high, you have a distinct style that you uniquely you. You’ve grown to know yourself, your tastes and your aesthetic. You simply know what you like and aren’t afraid to wear it. You own your unique style.  

Friends & Family 

 When you love yourself, you have a deeper love for your friends and family. You acknowledge their imperfection and love them regardless.  Having self love will also make it easier for you to forgive others who have hurt you. You realise that it only hurts you to hold a negative grudge inside, because you love & care about yourself, you learn to let go and forgive. You also learn when to let go of relationships that are harming you. It becomes easier to say, “no” because you value your happiness and wellbeing. 


 Actions speak louder than words in any relationship. That is why when you love yourself you begin to align your behaviour and actions to ensure they give you the most happiness. You spend time doing the things you love, hence becoming happier. 

Drive & Motivation 

When you love yourself, you start doing things because you know you deserve it. You start working on your health because you want the best for yourself. You develop a talent or a skill you never thought you had in you. You try new things. You unlock potentials. You get involved with people and at the same time get in touch with your inner self too. You know your unlimited potential to create value in the world. You know you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. You don’t settle for any less, because you know you are capable of so much more. 

Easier Failures 

Your kind to yourself even when you fail. You know that regardless of the outcome you’ll always have your own back. Just as you would treat a child or loved one you don’t trash yourself for failing but build yourself up with affirmations. You see every failure as an opportunity to grow. 


When you love yourself practice gratitude regularly. You’re grateful for even the smallest of things. You become humbler and recognise that we own nothing.  All is a gift and you become profoundly grateful. You have an appreciation for others and want to help them achieve their goals. You become humbler and recognise that you are not on earth to see how important you can become, but to see the difference you can make in the lives of others with the power of love.  

Unbroken Promises 

When love yourself you keep the promises you made to yourself.  You honour your own words, whether that is to take a break, go on a holiday, go to a yoga class, eat more healthily, or go to bed early. You don’t let yourself down because you truly value yourself. 

 Love Evie xoxo 




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